Customized manufacture

If our client has already defined his project and what he is looking for is a new alternative to the manufacture, Ferquisa Laboratories is the right company.

Our Purchasing department is specialized in searching for the best raw materials and the highest quality active principles, in order to compliance with the specifications defined by our client about his formulations and galenic formats and also about product labeling,

For all these considerations in our control quality department we make:

  • Control quality for all new purchased raw maters and providers validation, in order to compliance with quality standards offered to our clients.
  • We adapt to every kind of manufacture format which our client order us, either for the manufacture of tablets, pills, capsules, syrups, ampoules, vials, and special powdered products.
  • We do a final validation process for our final product. Once made the manufacture, we do quality controls and microbiological analysis according to the HAPPCC standards, in order to guarantee the correct manufacture and whole quality of any ended product.