Customized formulations

We develope projects for companies interested in creating a new brand within nutraceutic, phytotherapy and sport nutrition industry.

To do this, we focus exclusively on the standards defined by our clients for the specific project, developing a market study, a scientific report based on clinical studies of the active ingredients used, a marketing plan and a further galenic study to adapt the products to high performance formulations in order to give us clinical real results.

For all this we have:

  • Nutraceutical marketing department
    For the management of developing labels, catálogues, websites..with the acompliance with current legislation.
  • Registration department
    Where our specialists are responsible for the legal procedures in order to provide the correspondient registerd prodcuts involved in the project.
  • R + D + I Department
    Where not only take care to determine the formula for each and everyone of the products, but also to determine the specifical laboratory tests in order to maximize the activity of our formulations from a galenic point of view.
  • Is very important for us and generally for industry, the organoleptic properties of the products in case of special formulations for sport nutrition, for all this, we do a flavor and taste studies with differents aromatic bases in order to satisfy perfectly our client’s needs.