Customized manufacturing

  • Specific formulation
  • Different galenic formats
  • Initial packaging: blister, ampoule, vial, glass bottle, plastic bottle…
  • Secondary packaging: Boxes, labels and catalogues design
  • Official register for each product
  • Application forms for registering

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Technical and legal advice


  • Study of active principles in compliance with current legislation
  • Technical design of labels and boxes by product
  • Product registration in european agencies

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After sales services

  • Quality assesment certificate and microbio analisys
  • Quality testings for ending products
  • Technical Sheets by product
  • Scientific development and formulation improvements by product

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Whole management


  • Ferquisa Laboratories ensure quality from the treatment to our clients until the quality of the final product, pledging to ensure total quality in every process in a global effort of our organization for the pursuit of excellence.

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